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When will the world get rid of Poverty?

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Why do some people struggle to have a meal, a roof over their head and access to medical care and others live an extravagant lifestyle. When will the world get rid of poverty?


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Poverty is a complex issue that has been around for centuries and is still a major problem in many parts of the world. The causes of poverty are varied and include lack of access to education, health care, employment opportunities, and other resources. In addition, poverty can be caused by political instability, natural disasters, and other factors. Unfortunately, there is no single solution to ending poverty. It requires a comprehensive approach that includes economic development, improved access to education and health care services, job creation initiatives, and social protection programs. Governments must also work together to ensure that all citizens have access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and medical care. Only then can we hope to make progress towards eliminating poverty worldwide.
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